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Father’s Day’s Gift Guide: Unique Father’s Day Gifts

June 11, 2023

Father’s Day’s Gift Guide: Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is right around the corner—but If you haven’t shopped yet, don’t fret! Whether you’re celebrating your dad, your partner, a dad-like figure, or another dad in your life, we’ve got you covered with our Father’s Day 2023 Gift Guide, full of special, fun, and unique Father’s Day gifts. 

The Givebacks 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide

A shower speaker


Maybe the dad in your life loves music, and singing in the shower is his jam. Or maybe he’s always listening to an interesting podcast, or is a big reader who’s gotten into audiobooks. No matter what he likes to listen to, a shower speaker is a fun gift that can add a little joy into a daily routine. 

If the dad in question is tech savvy, you can just wrap the gift up with a “Happy Father’s Day 2023” card and let him take it from there. But if he’s a bit technology-challenged, you may want to offer to set it up for him (or do it before he has a chance to protest). It’s a simple gesture that will mean a lot!

Where to shop for these Father's Day 2023 gifts:

A beef jerky bouquet

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Yes, this is really a thing! And, ok, it’s kind of silly—but that’s the beauty of it. It’s unlikely that he’ll have ever received one of these unique Father’s Day gifts before, and it makes for a great conversation starter. You can choose the number of stems (8 or a dozen) and the flavors (original, teriyaki,  hot, or a  mix) and it even comes with a keepsake pint glass as the “vase.” 

By the way, it turns out that men hardly ever receive flowers, so consider giving him a real bouquet if you think it will be appreciated!

Where to shop for this Father's Day 2023 gift:

A key to the past

If the dad you’re shopping for loves learning about his family history (or history in general) a subscription is like a key that unlocks access to the past. It’s the largest online newspaper archive, with over 800 million pages and newspapers dating as far back as the 17th century! You can search by keyword, so to get him started, suggest he type in family members’ names, the address of his house or houses he’s lived in before, old sports heroes, and more. 

Where to shop for this Father's Day 2023 gift: (see the Givebacks offer)

A treat from his hometown

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We’re big fans of consumable gifts—they don’t take up space and will almost definitely be enjoyed. So for Father’s Day 2023, consider surprising him with something he loves but hasn’t had in a long time (or never orders for himself). Maybe he’s always raving about the Brooklyn cheesecake he grew up on, or the deep dish pizza from that one place, or the pierogis he can only get in Chicago. Some restaurants and stores will let you place an order directly, or you can use a site like Goldbelly which partners with food spots across the US. If your Dad grew up in another country, see if you can find a local restaurant that makes a dish he’s talked about from his childhood—or attempt to cook it yourself! Even if your execution isn’t perfect, he’ll appreciate the effort that went into it.

Where to shop for these unique Father’s Day gifts:

  • His favorite local market or restaurant

The gift of giving back

Think about something the dad in your life cares deeply about—maybe that’s music in schools, or the environment, or his favorite sports team. No matter the topic, there’s likely to be a great cause associated with it. And to celebrate him, you can make a donation to that cause, paired with a nice note about why you knew it would be meaningful to him.

You can also consider updating your cause on Givebacks to that organization, and letting him know that every time you shop or dine at a participating location over the next month, year, or whatever time frame you decide, money will be automatically donated there.

If you’re not already using Givebacks, it’s super easy to create a Givebacks account here. That way, whenever you shop for any of the unique Father’s Day gifts in this guide (or any of the 15,000+ brands and 10,000+ local restaurants we partner with), you’ll be giving back to a great cause, too—at no cost to you. Here’s to a great Father’s Day 2023!