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Givebacks Gift Guide: 2023 Holiday Gifts for Babies

December 14, 2023

Givebacks Gift Guide: 2023 Holiday Gifts for Babies

Oh, baby! Shopping for wee ones can be oh-so fun (tiny clothes! adorable toys!), especially at this time of year. So if you’ve got a baby on your holiday shopping list, we’ve got just the ideas to make their first (or second!) holiday season extra special.

And because every item we’ve listed is available from a Givebacks partner, you’re doing more than just purchasing a nice gift. When you shop online for any of these 2023 Holiday Gifts for Babies using the Givebacks extension and activate an offer, your purchase will automatically give back to the cause of your choice, at no cost to you! 

2023 Holiday Gifts for Babies

Teddy bear fleece

Is there anything cuter than a flush-cheeked baby all cozied up and looking like a teddy bear? No, no there is not—and this fleece zip-up will keep little ones toasty from ear to toe.

Teddy bear blanket

Can’t get enough teddy bear gear? Wrap them up in more fleece-lined cuteness with this supersoft blankie. But if teddy bears aren’t your thing (no judgment), it also comes in a bunny design.

Striped overalls

If there’s anything that’s a close second in cuteness to a teddy-bear-baby, it’s a baby in overalls. We especially love this railroad-striped pair that’s soft, stretchy, and has working pockets!

Alphabet flash cards 

These little foam cards make learning fun, with a colorful design that helps babies develop language skills and keeps them entertained for hours. It also comes with its own convenient carrying case.

Flamingo lovey

This is definitely one of our favorite 2023 holiday gifts for babies. Part stuffed animal, part security blanket, this darling flamingo-shaped lovey is as cute as it is comforting. 

High-top sneakers

How cute are these kicks? If you want the bebe in your life to start sporting style from the jump, hook them up with these oh-so-adorable classic high-tops.

Flounder shoes

And if you have aspirations of raising a Disney adult, start them off on the right foot with these adorable and super soft shoes. Can you even handle how cute the little fins are?

Fabric wall decals

Looking to kit out your kid’s space? Go for these darling wall decals that feature shooting stars, planets, and more out-of-this-world cuteness.

Inklings set

Spark their little imaginations with this sweet set. The toy is perfectly cuddly, colorful, and full of textures they’ll love to explore, and the book tells a lovely and uplifting story.

Sorting toy

This unique tactile toy helps little ones challenge their brains and develop fine motor skills, without the frustrations of other sorting toys that won’t let you fit a square peg into a round hole.

Colorful bath drops

Babies take a lot of baths—and this gift is a creative way to add a little color to your every-night routine. The scent-free tablets change bathwater to blue, yellow, or red, and one set contains enough for 45 baths.

Bubble bath sampler

And while we’re on the topic of baths, this set of gentle suds is a fun way to wash the day away without harsh chemicals. The soothing natural scents include chamomile + tangerine and French lavender + Clary sage.

Be Kind book

Finally, this little board book delivers a big message—the importance of kindness. It explores how even the smallest acts can make a difference and is a great lesson for babies and the adults reading aloud to them.

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