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Givebacks Gift Guide: 2023 Holiday Gifts for Kids

December 7, 2023

Givebacks Gift Guide: 2023 Holiday Gifts for Kids

From watching them delight at all the holiday magic to seeing the joy on their faces when they open a gift, celebrating with children is one of the most special parts of this festive season. 

To help create some of that magic yourself, we’ve put together this list of our favorite 2023 holiday gifts for kids. From family-friendly tech to 90s throwbacks you loved when you were a kid yourself, you’ll find a ton of fun ideas for the littles in your life.

Plus, when you shop the items on this list, you’re not only gifting something special, you’re also giving back! Just shop online using the Givebacks extension and activate an offer, and a donation will automatically be made to the cause of your choice, at no cost to you. How’s that for some holiday magic?

2023 Holiday Gifts for Kids

Fabric bowling set

With lovely fabric-covered pins and its own carrying case that makes it easy to tidy up, this pretty bowling set is an ideal gift for kids who like to play and parents who like a playful aesthetic. 

Animal paw slippers

Make their nighttime routine a little more appealing with these adorable animal slippers. They’re cushy and cozy, and you can choose from a whole herd of different animals (brown bears, bunnies, sharks, moose, or puppies!).

Animal storage cube

Speaking of adorable animals, these sweet fabric cubes feature peacocks, foxes, dragons, and more. They’re so cute that kids might not even realize that they’re meant for cleaning up.


This word-based game is fun for the whole family—and it helps players develop their quick thinking and spelling skills, too! It’s meant for kids 8 and above, but youngsters can team up with an older sibling or parent to play.


Remember Tamagotchis? Whether you had one yourself in the 90s or have no idea what we’re talking about, this pocket-sized digital pet is a fun, low-stakes way to teach kids how to be responsible for something other than themselves.

Tiny food truck

Part science lesson, part cooking project, this creative toy teaches budding chefs how to make tiny treats (like mini tacos, pizzas, churros, crepes, and more) using real, small-scale kitchen tools.

Stamp set

If you know a kid who loves stamps, this set of 20 is sure to delight. We like this darling fairy garden version, but you can also find other charming themes, including farm animals and rainforests.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs date all the way back to 1953, and they’ve been popular ever since. They’re easy, educational, and guaranteed to make you laugh. They also come in a ton of varieties, so you can pick the theme your giftee will be the most interested in.

Instant camera

We’ve got this in our teen gift guide, but it’s so cool we had to mention it in our list of 2023 holiday gifts for kids, too. Youngins will adore getting an almost-instant picture, and parents will be thrilled that their kids are not stealing their phone for once. 

Scratch-and-sniff stickers

There’s just something timeless about kids’ love for scratch-and-sniff stickers. These colorful “stinky sticker” stars are actually fruit punch scented—and they’re acid-free and non-toxic.

Cute detangling brush

Detangling hair can be the worst part of the post-bath routine… if you have the wrong tools. Make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved with a cute brush featuring kitty cats or rainbows.

Pear delivery

Getting mail in their name can make kids feel important and grown-up, especially when that mail contains something delicious inside. These beloved pears are a delightful surprise for kids, arriving perfectly ripe and with one gold-wrapped!

Metallic puffer

If you know a kid who resists putting on their winter coat, get a leg (er, arm) up in the battle with this playful puffer they’ll love to wear. It’s made from recycled materials, has high-performance insulation, and, most importantly, it’s shiny!


This musical storybox is a gamechanger. Each collectible figurine you pair with it contains a different audio set, with stories, songs, and more. Kids can easily change figurines, skip tracks, and stay entertained for hours. 

Planet bath bombs

Show kids how fun science can be with this planet-themed kit. They’ll get to experiment with different scents and colors while making the bath bombs from scratch, then drop them in the water and watch them fizz!



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