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Givebacks Gift Guide: 2023 Holiday Gifts for Teens

December 1, 2023

Givebacks Gift Guide: 2023 Holiday Gifts for Teens

Teenagers are so easy to shop for… said no one ever. But if you’ve got one on your list, don’t fret. We’ve got a list full of 2023 Holiday Gifts for Teens, with fun surprises, practical presents, and everything in between. Check it out to find something that will make even the snarkiest teen happy (even if they pretend otherwise).  

Plus, it turns out that Gen Z is high-key charitable—so make sure to mention that the gift you got them gave back (say that five times fast). It’s true: when you shop online using the Givebacks extension and activate an offer, your purchase will automatically trigger a donation to the cause of your choice, at no cost to you. 

2023 Holiday Gifts for Teens

“Vintage” sneaks

What’s old is new again, and these ‘80s court classics are totally back. They make a great gift for teens, especially if you can resist mentioning that you had a pair back when you were their age, too.

Glass bead bracelet

Bracelets are all the rage with teens these days. But even if the one in your life isn’t a Swiftie, odds are still good they’ll love this sweet beaded bracelet, which comes in a ton of fun color combos.

Fast charger

It might seem boring, but this is probably the most useful gift they’ll get all holiday season. It charges super fast, and the 8-foot length means they don’t have to put down their phone for even a second.

Classic hoodie

It’s hard to go wrong with a hoodie—they’re comfy, casual, and gender-neutral. We’re sharing one we like here, but you’ll find plenty of choices, including zip-front, fleece, and even cashmere.

Stanley tumbler

We’ve recommended Stanley products in our other Givebacks gift guides—and Gen Z is all about the brand, so we had to include one in our 2023 Holiday Gifts for Teens, too. They come in a ton of colors and styles and keep drinks cool all day long.

Star sign book

If you know any teens with a budding interest in star charts, these cute little books are awesome for helping them explore “what’s written in the stars” for their astrological sign.

Guided astrological journal

On that note, these guided journals are a cool way to help teens dive into their inner world, with tailored prompts that help them gain deeper insight into their strengths, weaknesses, qualities, and goals.

Mushroom lamp

Rumor has it the youth are into fun-gi decor (sorry, dad joke!). This sweet little light-up mushroom comes in several colors and will brighten up their room or desk, no cap.

Instant camera

Teach them the art of (very slightly) delayed gratification with this camera that takes about a minute and a half to develop selfies and leaves you with an instant keepsake.

Online budgeting class

This is just the gift they’ve always wanted—not! Ok, yeah, they might groan when they open it, but we bet they’ll thank you later in life for giving them the gift of financial literacy.

Yerba mate latte

This gift is great for teens who love spilling the tea—literally. The LA-themed blend comes in pretty packaging, has hints of coffee flavor, and provides a caffeine boost without the jitters or crash.

Survival bundle

This comes straight from a list of products designed to set you up for success in the phase of a zombie apocalypse. It may not be flashy, but it’s totally useful (and hey, at least you didn’t get them the canned meat sampler.)

Holiday lip sleeping mask

They’ve almost definitely heard of this product, given that it’s the top-ranked lip treatment in the US. It’s a soothing overnight lip mask that’s good for those who like nice scents (peppermint or caramel apple!) and unchapped lips.

Jewelry rental membership

Getting a package in the mail is one of the great joys in life—especially when it contains sparkly things. A gift subscription that lets them rent jewelry is ideal for a teen who loves to try new styles on for size.

Checkerboard throw

Checkerboard is popping up everywhere these days—it’s a classic pattern that has stood the test of time and happens to be so in right now. This cute chenille throw is a fun way to add a bold pop to their room.

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