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Givebacks Gift Guide: Easy Last Minute Holiday Gifts

December 22, 2023

Givebacks Gift Guide: Easy Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Put off your gift shopping to the last minute? We’ve been there! But just because you’re down to the wire doesn’t mean you have to settle. With this guide to easy last minute holiday gifts, you’ll find awesome ideas—and no one will be the wiser about your procrastinating ways!  

A few quick tips for your last-minute shopping: 

  • Order online, pick up in-store
  • Look for a “quick ship” category on store websites
  • If all else fails, print out a picture of the gift that’s still on the way—and tell the recipient that you wanted to make the holiday season last into the new year!

And did you know that shopping for these easy last minute holiday gifts means you’re helping give back? When you shop online using the Givebacks extension and activate an offer, you’ll power a donation to the cause of your choice, all while doing the shopping you’d be doing anyway!

Easy Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Basket of seasonal goodies

When in doubt, buy a basket! Fill it up with pretty tea towels, seasonal tea, and holiday treats, and you’ve got yourself a thoughtful gift for family members, hosts, and more.

Meal kit subscription

Give them the gift of not having to think about meal planning! A subscription to a meal kit service is one of our go-to easy last minute holiday gifts because you don’t have to worry about a physical gift being delivered in time for your gift exchange.

Quarterly gadget delivery

In that same vein, a box delivery subscription makes a great last minute gift because you don’t have to get the timing right. This one delivers cool tech gadgets four times a year, reminding them what a great gift giver you are well beyond the holidays. 

Food or wine club

If they lean more epicurean than technophile, a food or beverage subscription will hit the spot. Choose from microbrews, international wines, hand-crafted cheeses, artisanal chocolates, or whatever flavor strikes their fancy.

Unique TV subscription

If they’re always kvetching that there’s “nothing to watch” (despite having 10+ streaming apps), sign them up for a service that unlocks new viewing opportunities. BritBox is one of our faves for its catalog of period pieces, detective dramas, and more. subscription

Give them a key to the past with a subscription to the largest online newspaper archive, which contains over 800 million pages dating all the way back to the 17th century. They can search for family members’ names, old addresses, sports heroes, and so much more.

Unlimited yoga classes

Know a yogi or aspiring yoga lover? Sign them up for this service and they’ll get unlimited access to thousands of online yoga classes that they can watch through an app on their phone or smart TV.

An interesting educational course

From learning about the wonders of the world to sharpening their Spanish skills to taking beginning guitar lessons, there are tons of classes they’re likely to love. Pick one out or sit them down, have them pick a class, and sign them up on the spot! 

Beverage and bar courses

Or mix things up with an online course featuring their drink of choice. From Japanese sake to tequila and mezcal to brandy, these video learning classes teach them about the history of the spirit, food pairings, cocktail recipes, and more.


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