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How to encourage others to give back and make a difference

January 8, 2023

How to encourage others to give back and make a difference

If you’re reading this, we’re guessing that giving back is something you already care about (yay!). That may mean using Givebacks to automatically power donations when you shop and dine, having recurring donations set up for nonprofits that are meaningful to you, volunteering your time, or finding other ways to support the causes and communities you care about.

Maybe the people in your life are generous with their time or money, too. Or maybe they could use a little encouragement. If your loved ones fall in the latter group, we’ve put together some tips to help you encourage your friends and family to follow your lead and make a difference by giving back.

Find ways to give back together

So, let’s dive into exactly how to encourage others to give back. With some friends and family members, it’s easy to be direct and ask them to donate or join you in volunteering or attending a fundraiser. If you’ve been trying to find time to get together with a friend (which can take a lot of advanced planning these days!), consider making your next meetup a volunteering experience. You can find a ton of options by Googling “volunteer opportunities near me” or searching on sites like VolunteerMatch.) Studies have shown that volunteering can expand your social circle and enhance your relationships, so the positive impact is plentiful.

Another fun way to share in giving back is to invite a group to attend a local fundraiser together. From walkathons to dining events to galas, these activities can be a delightful way to make a difference together.

Share stories about your experiences

If jumping right in and asking your loved ones to donate or volunteer their time (or asking again if you’ve already tried) feels too uncomfortable, try bringing up your own giving in natural conversation with them. 

This can take many forms. It might mean showing them pictures from an event you volunteered at, mentioning something impressive a nonprofit you support is doing, or looking at your phone and saying, “hey, cool! I just got an email that says when I bought something at the grocery store, they automatically donated money to my favorite cause!” Ideally, these icebreakers will spur follow-up questions and further conversation—and even lead your loved ones to ask how they can get involved.

One important note: remember to be encouraging and avoid shaming others if they haven’t prioritized giving back in the past. Everyone has different budgets, time constraints, and capacities to take on additional tasks, so being sensitive and supportive is a key part of knowing how to encourage others to give back. 

Show them how easy it is to give back

Most people do want to make a difference and support important causes. But as we just covered, not everyone has the time, headspace, or resources to give as freely as their heart desires. That’s actually why Givebacks was created—to make it easy for people to give back without spending extra money, minutes, or mental load when they don’t have it to spare. 

So lean into that! Emphasize how you’ve found ways to fit giving back into your life. An easy way to start is by encouraging them to sign up for Givebacks and explaining just how effortless it is. Share that all they have to do is create an account, select their cause, securely link their card, and then shop and dine like they normally do. And emphasize that donations will automatically be made to the cause of their choice when they make purchases at participating stores and restaurants, with no extra effort, time, or money spent. Easy peasy!

To maximize the giving, make sure you share your referral link, which you’ll find In your Givebacks profile. The link is shared via email or text and invites the person you refer to sign up to support your chosen cause or another nonprofit of their choice. When they sign up for Givebacks and make a qualifying purchase within 90 days, the cause they selected will get a $5 bonus!

Celebrate their efforts

When friends and family share the ways they’re giving back, make sure to celebrate them! That could mean liking and commenting on a post, sending a sweet text, or having a chat in person about how proud you are of them. Engage them in conversation about the cause and get to know why it’s important to them. And if they’ve donated at your request or joined you for an event, make sure to reiterate how meaningful this was to you and express gratitude for their efforts.

Show them the difference giving back can make

It can be easy for people to think that they can’t make a difference—but giving back really does add up. Most nonprofits will share stories and statistics about the impact they’re making, which you can share with your loved ones. You can also share things like how much money you’ve powered in donations without spending anything extra.  

Now that you’ve learned some tips and tricks for how to encourage others to give back, it’s time to put them into action. You have the ability to make a difference in your social circle, your community, and beyond!