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Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 9, 2023

Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day always sneaks up on us, doesn’t it? Here’s a little rhyme to help you remember when it is: Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in the month of May!

If you’re stumped on what to give this year, you’re not alone! Whether you’re celebrating your mom, your partner, a mother-like figure, or any other mom in your life, we’ve got you covered with this Mother’s Day gift guide full of thoughtful, special, and unique 2023 Mother’s Day gifts.

The Givebacks 2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A pair of cookbooks (one for you, one for her!)

When you ask a lot of moms what they’d like for their birthday or the holidays, many will say they just want to spend time with you. One special way to spend more quality time together—even if you don’t live in the same city—is to buy her a cookbook you think she’ll love, and buy yourself the same one. There are endless options based on your mom’s palate, cooking skills, and interests, so you can have fun picking out something you think she’ll love.

As part of the gift, tell her that you want to make a date to cook the recipes together, whether in person or virtually. This can be a one-time thing or a recurring date. And even when you’re not meeting up to cook together, you can compare notes as you try different recipes and cook your way through the book, helping you bond all year long.

You can even pair this gift with any special equipment or ingredients the cookbook might require. For example, if you gift her with a book on Chinese cooking, you could add a wok or even a special vinegar or chile oil. If you’ve given her a collection of baking recipes, you might add a type of cake pan you know she doesn’t have, or some high-quality baking chocolate. 

Where to shop for these 2023 Mother’s Day gifts:

An electric kettle + tea or coffee she’ll love

Electric kettles are a staple in many cultures, but if your mom doesn’t already have one, this is a Mother’s Day gift that’s both practical and fun. These handy household items boil your water super fast and keep it hot, so she can make a cuppa in minutes. They’re also more energy efficient than traditional kettles, don’t take up a ton of space, and come in a wide range of price points and styles.

If your mom loves tea, you can pair this gift with her favorite tea bags or loose blend, or pick out a new type you think she’ll like. If she’s more of a coffee gal, electric kettles are super handy to use for pourover coffee, so you can throw in a nice bag of coffee beans (or even instant coffee, which has come a long way in recent years!). 

Where to shop for these 2023 Mother’s Day gifts:

A silk or paper bouquet

Many a Mother’s Day gift guide suggests buying mom flowers. This is a classic Mother’s Day gift for a reason; flowers are lovely to look at and can brighten anyone’s day. Unfortunately, real bouquets don’t last long—and we all know that feeling of “what’s that smell? Oh… the old flower water!

This year, consider giving mom a bouquet of beautiful faux blooms that will last forever and remind her of your thoughtfulness every time she looks at them. From silk to crepe paper to other cleverly-crafted materials, there are a ton of elegant evergreen options in a range of price points.  You can buy an already-arranged bouquet, or have fun picking out your own stems at a craft store and putting together a vase yourself. 

Where to shop for these 2023 Mother’s Day gifts:

A tasty gourmet treat

Edible gifts are always a hit—they’re fun to try, tend to be beautifully packaged, and don’t take up space in the home for long. They’re also a thoughtful way to say, “This made me think of you and I thought you’d like to try it.

From handmade jams and French pâte de fruits to handcrafted chocolates and fancy caramels, there are a plethora of lovely treats that will delight moms with a sweet tooth. If savory or spicy’s more her jam, you can spring for flavored salts, unique hot sauces, or gourmet pickles. 

Where to shop for these 2023 Mother’s Day gifts:

The gift of giving back

Maybe the mom in your life is passionate about national parks or rescue animals or programs for veterans. Making a donation to a cause she cares about is a special way to celebrate her—and will probably make her very proud, too. 

You can also consider updating your cause on Givebacks to one that is meaningful to her. On Mother’s Day, let her know that every time you shop or dine at a participating location over the next month, year, or whatever time frame you decide, money will be automatically donated to that cause.

If you’re not already using Givebacks, it’s super easy to create a Givebacks account here. That way, whenever you shop at any of the stores in this Mother’s Day gift guide (or any of the 15,000+ brands and 10,000+ local restaurants we partner with), you’ll be giving back to a great cause, too—at no cost to you!!