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Backer Story: How Janet G. made a difference just by holiday shopping

March 1, 2023

Backer Story: How Janet G. made a difference just by holiday shopping

When Janet G. signed up for Givebacks in December, she was thrilled about the opportunity to support a cause she cares about. 

“My sister works in the nonprofit field,” says Janet, “and I’ve seen the incredible efforts it can take to raise money from donors. I hadn’t heard of Givebacks before, so I was excited when I came across it. It seemed like a win-win to me, where the nonprofit organization I chose would get donations without either me or them having to do anything besides sign up.”

Janet selected Food for Thought, a nonprofit organization that provides healing nutrition and compassion to more than 5,500 people living with serious medical conditions. “It’s a local organization and I’ve done some volunteering for them before, so I was really happy to find it as an option when I searched for a nonprofit to support on Givebacks.”

Gifts that give back

Even with all her early excitement, the holiday season got busy and Janet nearly forgot that she’d signed up for Givebacks. That is, until she started her gift shopping and realized that all of her purchases had become gifts that give back. “Every time I saw the Givebacks popup and got to activate an offer, I got a little thrill,” she says. 

“I was buying special presents for people I care about, which I love doing, and money was also acting like a holiday donation, going to support a cause I care about? Yes and yes! And ok, I was also buying some stuff for myself—who can resist a great holiday sale??—but it was doing good, too! Gotta love that.”

Janet noticed the holiday donations powered by her purchases were quickly adding up. “With every purchase, I got an email notifying me how much was donated. It was extremely cool to see that I was buying gifts that give back, without any effort. I truly didn’t have to do anything but sign up and shop for things I was already going to buy anyway and money was automatically getting donated to them.”

Holiday donations, all year long

Holiday donations are a tradition for Janet’s family, and she says that Givebacks feels like a way to keep the giving going all year long. “Every year for Hanukkah my family donates one night instead of exchanging gifts, and I give holiday donations as gifts to other people in my life as well. This whole holiday season, I felt like I was doubling-down on my giving because of Givebacks. And I love that I can keep it going year-round without even thinking about it. Gifts that give back for the win!”