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A delightfully low-effort way to save money and help your favorite cause

Get that good-deal, good-person glow

Welcome to this special place where shopping is just the right thing to do

Save money on things for your family.

Get special discounts on products you use every day, and items from up-and-coming brands that care.

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Pick your favorite cause to get free money.

Your favorite local cause will get up to 20% back on all of your purchases at no extra cost to you.

Pick your favorite cause to give back to.

You've made the world better from your couch.

Get a deal and help your community, with hardly any extra effort. We need this right now. 

You've made the world better from your couch.

Popular Givebacks

Discount Sam's Club membership that gives back
Discount Sam's Club membership that gives back.

44% off

Up to 57% off

Up to 10% off

Discount gift cards that give back to a good cause

Sam's Club membership

High-quality disposable masks



Giveback of $5

Starting at $15

Giveback of up to $17.50

I have enough toilet paper to last three years and enough mac & cheese to feed an army of mini-humans forever, thanks to Sam's Club. ...

How many times have you gone out and realized ... "I forgot my mask!" Much like we all keep chapstick, hand sanitizer, and Doritos...

Discounted gift cards

Starting at $24.24

Giveback of up to $7.60

Holiday shopping is officially covered with this variety of discounted gift cards from big brands! Get up to 10% off cards for everyone on your list. ...

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Discounted eGift cards

eGift cards

Home necessities

Home necessities

Keep the kids busy

Keep the kids busy

Fit & Healthy

Fit & healthy

Smart resources for virtual learning and more

Smart resources

Feed the Family

Feed the family

Fun with the Fam

Fun with the Fam



Over 12,000 nonprofits are benefitting from Givebacks

Illinois PTA
New York State PTA
The Youth Mental Health Project
Florida PTA
Virginia PTA

On, you'll find things you use every day, and things that add a pop of color to family life.

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Givebacks is a triple layer of win-win-win

Givebacks bring families together
Givebacks are all about healthy families
Never stop learning with Givebacks
Givebacks help with the household
Givebacks enrich life at home
Givebacks help us celebrate

At, we don't fight over the last piece of pie.

Givebacks is a triple layer of win-win-win

We make the pie bigger for everyone.

We make the pie bigger for everyone.

Shoppers get 30% to 50% off products from big brands and cool new companies that care. Shoppers make the world better with every purchase.

Causes get up to 20% back on every sale at no extra cost to shoppers.

Businesses connect with new customers and support the causes customers care about most. Businesses pay a small fee to participate - only when they make sales. There's no upfront cost or risk to participate.

At Givebacks, we don't fight over the last piece of pie.