About Givebacks

We exist to make it easy for you to give back to the causes you care about.

“I took my wife out for our anniversary and the restaurant donated to a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts. It made our night even more special.”


Cause: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


In 2008, our team launched MemberHub, building best-in-class software to help nonprofits and volunteer-led organizations work smarter, communicate better, and raise more money. Through this work, we talked to thousands of nonprofit leaders, learned about their causes, and saw the challenges they faced with community engagement and fundraising.

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Givebacks was born to bridge this gap. We started by creating a way for customers to automatically power donations with every purchase at participating stores and restaurants. And we’re not stopping there—we’re hard at work dreaming up and executing new ideas that empower people to give back more and support causes that matter, every day.

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It became clear to us that there was a gap in giving. Nonprofits and charities needed a new donation stream to help them easily earn more for their causes. And millions of potential givers needed an equally easy way to give, without added stress on their to-do lists or wallets.

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To create an inclusive giving ecosystem that helps people move more money to the causes they care about.


Empower people to
do good every day without doing extra.


Most people want to make a difference. To support important causes. To give back.

But not everyone has the time, headspace, or resources to give as freely as their heart desires.

With everything that life throws at us, people need a way to do good every day without doing extra.

Where giving back can be effortless. Delightful. And rewarding.

Givebacks makes all of those things possible. We’re where you go to give, without spending extra money, minutes, or mental load when you don’t have it to spare.

No matter how big or small, everyone can and will make a difference when they’re a part of Givebacks—and what makes it even more meaningful is that we’re doing it together, all without having to do more.

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