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General Questions

How do I earn donations for a cause I care about?
What is a Backer?
What devices and browsers can I use?
How do I enable the Givebacks extension on my desktop?
How do I enable the mobile extension?
How does Givebacks make money?
Does it cost anything to shop with Givebacks?
What kind of causes can I choose?
How do I select a cause?
Can I change my cause?
How much money will my cause earn?
How does my cause receive donations?
Do I need to keep my receipts?
Why wasn’t my donation processed?
Does Givebacks sell my data?
How do I add a credit card?
What type of credit cards can I use?
Can I use a credit card issued outside of the
United States for in-store purchases?
Can I use my debit card?
Can I use my store credit card for in-store shopping?
Does Givebacks store my credit card information?
How many people can I invite?
How can I refer someone to Givebacks?
How long does it take for donations to process?

General Questions

How do I get started using Givebacks for my nonprofit?
What kinds of nonprofits participate in Givebacks?
Who uses Givebacks?
How does Givebacks make money?
Where do donations come from?
How does my organization receive payouts?
How do I see my nonprofit’s Backers?
Is my organization’s data protected?
How can I edit information about my nonprofit?
What do my Backers see about my nonprofit?
What metrics can I see on my Dashboard?
How do I promote my cause?
How do I invite Backers to support my nonprofit?

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